“Real life, real love…simplified. This book is simply a must-have. Ron’s relationship advice is spot-on and practical for everyone.”

LeGrande Green

4-Time Emmy Winner and former Supervising Senior Producer, "The Oprah WInfrey Show"

I am very happy to support my friend Ron Simplified Myers and his new book around relationships. He hit the nail straight on the head that we should work on getting rid of problems, not people. I believe forgiveness is truly one of the necessary components to achieve success.

Wendy Gladney Dean

Author/Motivational Speaker/Columnist

“This book breaks the mold for any run of the mill “how to find love” books. Ron beautifully blends his own personal love story about the love of his life, with an honest message of self-love for all readers. Poignant storytelling combined with a powerful honest message revealing the true nature of love!”

Christine Whitmarsh

Bestselling Author, Celebrity Ghostwriter, CEO of The Ink Agency

” In this book, Ron does not just give you the tools and the belief to create a successful relationship, but the ability to create a successful life. Yes he has the military background of integrity, the leadership of being a CEO, the experience of a 32 year relationship; yet its in what he learned from it all and the authenticity in which he shares his experience that makes this book so impactful. You will be left feeling free and inspired with a clear path to leave your legacy in the world through the relationships that you touch. It all starts with you.”

Aaron Freeman

Author of The New Power Couple, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur and Ordained Minister

If we could read only one book on relationships, “The Relationship Success Handbook: Get Rid Of Your Problems Not Your Partner ” is the one we would choose!

Bonnie & Dr. Jay Crandal

Authors, Letting Purpose & Passion Drive Your Marriage

So many people fail to make relationships work because they lack self-love. Reading the tips in this book will help anyone overcome that obstacle and succeed.

Patsy Chia

Author, Burden No More

It’s rare to find such honest advice in an easy to understand format. This book will surely be a classic.

Fabienne Slama

Author, Renaissance Woman

Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics and approaches for loving yourself that simply work. Since you are half of all your relationships, self-love must be addressed first. A fantastic book.

Aquiles D. Tan Jr

Author, My Second Chance

The information in this book just works and bring clarity into all relationships. This book flat out gets the job done!

Rondea Wine

Author, Stop The Junk