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[00:00:01] Passion, How Do We Find It? That’s the conversation we’re going to have here today on Self-Love Monday, how you all doing, this is Ron Simplified Myers, author, podcaster and uplifting life partner. Now, this particular conversation is very important because passion is actually an emotion. It’s a deep emotion, a very satisfying emotion, a very what can we say?

[00:00:25] Emotion that makes you feel like you’re actually experiencing this journey we call life. Now, first, let’s address the thing purpose, which you guys have heard me talk about before.

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[00:00:39] If most people have tried to make purposing like it’s a mystical thing that we have to figure out in order to have a successful life. Well, to me, purpose is real simple. It’s not something that you’re chasing after is recognizing that you came here as a human being to experience the human experience.

[00:00:58] And that means all the emotions that are tied in that journey, because the only way you know which emotions actually move you is by experience and all of those, because believe it or not, there are things that we may think it’s negative, like anger and sadness or whatever that we would consider to be negative emotions. But for a lot of people, those are actually the emotions that move them in their lives in order to accomplish the things that they want. So all emotions are not, quote unquote, negative or positive. It’s figuring out which ones move you as an individual. But first, you’ve got to recognize what your purpose is and your purpose is actually to experience all that so that you can figure out which emotions move you and allow those emotions to do that. Now, one of those emotions happens to be passion is the thing that you come across that creates that fire and you just get pumped up. It could be a woman, it could be a man. It could be a car. And also people would still go, Nonaka, this material, no, it can’t be material things, something that really just lights your fire. And that’s what we’re looking for in our lives.

[00:02:13] But first, recognize the purpose and then it becomes easier to do that. And again, that’s knowing that you came here to experience being a human being. If you notice that finding something you could get passionate about becomes easier because your eyes are open. If not, you’re going through life looking for this thing called purpose and things that you can become passionate about you’ll miss because where your mindset is so.

[00:02:42] But the passion I remember hearing Janet Atwood, 80, would share a method, and I heard this a long time ago, but it’s a powerful method in order to find passion is what you do is you come up with maybe the top ten things that you want in your life or you believe you want in your life or you believe will create passion for you and you line them up and what you do as you go through and you take the things you put on as number one and they compare it to number two. And so, like, if you say number one, let’s say the A house number two is Corvet. Well, you look at those two and you say if you could only have one of those two.

[00:03:35] Which would you take?

[00:03:38] You go, oh, that’s that’s that’s a tough one, because my dream car is a Corvette, but I know I need a roof over my head. It’s almost a house that’s most important. OK, now you’re going to take number one. And compare it to number three, let’s say another thing that you would want would be to travel, so you would take, number one, the house and compare it to travel. If you go. Which one, if I can only have one of those two, I can either have a house, I get to travel the world. Which am I going to take? And you go, man, again, that’s a tough one because I want to travel the world. But it is most important for me to have a home.

[00:04:23] So home is still number one, or for some people, it would be like, shoot, I live in an apartment and wherever I’m traveling to, that’s going to be my home anyway. So travel is going to be is going to beat out home. So travel becomes number one. And so now you’re going to take that whatever one and you’re now going to compare to number four. You got to see that. And when you get through your number one thing that you want are that you could be passionate about, you will realize and you placed it, it’s number one. So now we’re going to have not nine things remaining. So now we’re going to go back to the list and do that same exact procedure all over again, because House is not included now because it was number one when we went through the whole test, it became the number one priority. We put it as number one. Now we’re hearing five was number two, but we’re going to take those remaining nine and go to the exact same steps to come up with number two. You guys follow that. And the key for me is find the top three. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself and go now to organize all my top tier folks that can become overwhelming. Chances are you will end up doing nothing as we know that would have got the jack jack of all trades and the ace and not because there’s no focus there. So what we want to do is get the top three and then that’s where we’re going to start to spend our time and energy on. How do we make those three things a reality? Does that make sense?

[00:05:56] So that’s an incredible method. I remember when I first heard her say that I was an iguana. That’s just that’s so simple. But it’s not being taught and is really an easy method to figure out. What you could pursue as a passion, does that make sense? And folks, if it doesn’t light your fire, move on. It doesn’t have to be a home. You know, the world tells you that. You have to it doesn’t have to be. Some people want to spend their whole life just traveling. And that’s what they know. I have a friend that that’s what she’s doing. She’s spending her retirement just going from place to place. No home. She doesn’t want one, but she’s taking all her money and that’s what she’s doing. She’s just taking it and traveling to different countries. Different states stay there three or four or five months. Folks, that’s not good, bad, right or wrong, that’s something that she’s able do because she’s passionate about seeing the world, that is her passion. The main key to be there to take away is, as we keep saying, don’t let other people decide what’s important for you, what should be your passion, what should be the top of your list. That’s why we’re doing the list, is so that you can figure it out. And then go on, pursue it, and I think this even holds true even in the way you see yourself.

[00:07:23] Take the top 10 qualities are the top five, if that that’ll be easier for you, because this is not to make this a complicated exercise, but figure out the top five qualities that you look for in an individual like if there’s a certain star or celebrity or friend or just someone that you just look at and you just, wow, you admire.

[00:07:49] Who they are and where they are in their life.

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[00:07:53] Write down, will fight and then do the exact same exercise and put them in order, which is most important, and you need to know why it’s important to you.

[00:08:06] Because that will also tell you what is truly important to you. And then when you get your top three things about the person that you admire most. Now you get to do that old conversation where a lot of people don’t like to do look in the mirror.

[00:08:25] And figure out, do you have those three things that you look for, and if not, how do you acquired them? How do you get to that point in your life? If you look at it, like I said, character as a top quality. And then you look at yourself and go, Oh. At times, my integrity is out of check or my characters out of check, and it’s more than it should be, then spend your time and energy. Where is it that I fall out of place? When is the challenges that cross my life, where my integrity is challenged and I let it slip and fine tune those, because that’s what the journey is about.

[00:09:13] The journey is about things that cross your path and joy, those things being passionate about those things. But first, so that we don’t have overwhelmed because there’s so much going on in the world. We can call it the list. We talked about building the list before relationships, but that’s the same thing here. Build that list to figure out what you’re passionate about.

[00:09:41] In yourself. Your life.

[00:09:45] I mean, you can see how you could do this and everything and then spent your time and energy there, anything that’s keeping you away from those after you’ve got clarity, don’t give that your time, because as human beings, we get caught in living.

[00:10:01] And and by that, I’m saying life just happens. And we get when we never get to do the things that we truly say we could be passionate about are the things that are important or significant to us, even as far as calling friends and family, which we know is important, but we get so caught in living our Milbrett even a guy said that. He said you have friends and family to get mad at you when you call them. And they’re like, it’s about time you called. Your first thought is, you know, he called me and only recently talking to ask us, I called and he said, don’t get mad at them. The difference is you have control over your life and they don’t. In other words, life is controlling them. They wake up, whatever happens, you know, the things that step in front of them, that’s how they address it. But there’s no organization in their life and that’s what we want to do here. And that’s why the better chance of finding something that we’re passionate about, where we could put our energies is by us, actually prioritize it and then be open.

[00:11:01] As you’re living the life, even following those three things or, you know, those top three. Be open to the fact that something else may cross your path. And really light a fire.

[00:11:17] That doesn’t mean jump and jump ship, because that’s where we become that jack of all trades again and hazanut. But what you do, if it’s really passionate, you get to bring it into the test gear and see how does it stack up. To those top three. And if it doesn’t move up the list, then it was just something you were excited about. You don’t have the time to put it to that right now because the top three is going to take up more than enough of your energy and time. But if all of a sudden it moves to where is more important than all those other three.

[00:11:52] See, that’s the key to life being open to that and not being so driven like the world, the world tries to teach us, like find that thing that lights you and spenger, you know, like people want to be a doctor and they’re passionate about that for a little bit. But then they go through school and they put all the time and energy.

[00:12:16] And so they stay. Because he put all the time and energy in there like, but they’re not passionate.

[00:12:25] Folks, time to move on.

[00:12:28] I’m a person I really, truly believe doesn’t matter how much time you put into school. OK, if you put 10, 15 years in the school.

[00:12:35] If the passion is not there, you shouldn’t be there. Time for you to find something else. The key is if you’ve been open along this journey, we call life. Probably the reason you’re not excited about that is because something else did cross your path and you didn’t pursue it and it’s tugging at you in the background, is tugging at you.

Are you tired of living a life in quiet desperation? Get Relationship Success Handbook as a FREE download. Creating a shift in how you feel about you and your relationships.

[00:12:58] You know, people say they’ve always wanted to be a musician, but they’re out doing something else because the world of family told them. Folks, you got to figure out how to bring that music, the entertainment, whatever it is into your life.

[00:13:12] Life is too short not to pursue those things that you have passion for, find them and use them.

[00:13:21] And as you guys know, it ain’t right. It is wrong. It is my opinion for those of you that we talk on relationship Monday, I mean, relax, Monday, relationship Thursday, I look forward to talking to you this come Thursday. And then for those of you except love Monday, I look forward to talking to you next week and run on over to simplify. Myers got online again, simplify my online, see all the different programs and things that I have going on right now.

[00:13:46] But folks, just remember, passion isn’t emotion. And it can be found if you’re actually enjoying this thing we call life and you stay open to the possibility of what’s going on. Learn to enjoy the moment.

[00:14:01] Be passionate that you got this moment because of a whole bunch of people that aren’t here to celebrate this moment. So, folks, I hope you learned something from that. And as you guys know, if you’re not having fun, you should be doing something else. I’ll talk to you. So take care. Bye bye.