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Many will share that love is this mystical event that occurs and there are no words that can really explain it. It is a feeling that just takes over your body and you can’t breathe without the other person.

Well that sounds like a great movie but I don’t believe love is a feeling. Feelings change like the wind. Most important and people don’t want to believe this, you control your ‘feelings’.

In my book “The Relationship Success Handbook: Get Rid of Your Problems Not Your Partner”, I share 4 stages that we go through in every decision (Thoughts, Story, Feelings, Action). We have thoughts that we use to create a story about a situation or person and that story determines how we feel.

If you are angry with someone, think about the current story you are writing about them. If you are angry, we know you are not thinking about how wonder they are as a person.

Love works the same way. As long as people are doing what you want, you call it love. When they stop, you will begin to say, you are falling out of love. The reality is, this is not love to begin with. These are conditions you are placing on people to determine if you want to be around them. How well they serve you!!!

So my definition of love is a “decision’, a ‘choice’. You accept a person or thing with no conditions, no strings attached. Be yourself and I love you regardless. Don’t mistake accepting someone and their decisions to mean that you ‘agree’ with their decisions. That is a different topic.

Separate people from what they do and love becomes easy.