About Ron Simplified Myers

Ron Simplified Myers is an Author, CEO of Simplified University, highly sought after speaker and Uplifting Life Partner (meaning we are all partners in life and here to uplift each other). He is changing lives by helping people realize those voices in their head that are keeping them up at night was planted there by others. Teaching people how to have a great conversation and let the voices know who is calling the shots.

Ron has always been a person of high integrity, professionalism and self-driven. A person that cares for others and will do anything he can to help.

His drive and desire to bring out the best in himself and those around him moved him into the financial services arena, where he became a Regional Vice President. His belief was he could help people get their lives, relationships and slow down divorce by helping people get their money issues solved. Since money is the number one reason, people are having problems (so it has been taught).

Through that company he had the privilege of sitting across the kitchen table with families and guide them in the direction of getting their money problems taken care of. Those times spent with different families gave him his current perspective that finances are not the reason that people are getting divorced.

Ron’s desire to assist people in getting what they want continues to be what drives him. This book is a part of that desire to support people in realizing who they are and accomplishing what they want out of life.

He was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA for the first 17 years of his life in an all-black community. Then his family moved to Orange County, CA into an all-white community. He jokingly makes the comment, “I didn’t realize I was black until we moved to Orange County.”

This book will bring you valuable information and most important a different perspective on your life. You will learn the phrase he is known for “It ain’t right, it ain’t wrong, it’s my opinion” and the simplicity it will bring to your life.

To Learn More About Ron: http://ronsimplifiedmyers.com

About Ron Simplified Myers



“Real life, real love…simplified. This book is simply a must-have. Ron’s relationship advice is spot-on and practical for everyone.”

LeGrande Green

4-Time Emmy Winner and former Supervising Senior Producer, "The Oprah WInfrey Show”

I am very happy to support my friend Ron Simplified Myers and his new book around relationships. He hit the nail straight on the head that we should work on getting rid of problems, not people. I believe forgiveness is truly one of the necessary components to achieve success.

Wendy Gladney Dean

Author/Motivational Speaker/Columnist

“This book breaks the mold for any run of the mill “how to find love” books. Ron beautifully blends his own personal love story about the love of his life, with an honest message of self-love for all readers. Poignant storytelling combined with a powerful honest message revealing the true nature of love!”

Christine Whitmarsh

Bestselling Author, Celebrity Ghostwriter