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About Ron Simplified Myers

Ron Simplified Myers is an Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Creator of Clothes To Inspire (Online Clothing Store), Simplified U (Self Awareness and Educational Online Site), and Uplifting Life Partner (meaning we are all partners in life and here to uplift each other).

He has always been a self-driven individual that displays a high degree of integrity and professionalism. Ron cares for others and will do anything he can to encourage people forward. He is changing lives by helping people to recognize that they are enough and they are valuable.

Ron’s drive and desire to bring out the best in himself and those around him moved him into the financial services arena, where he became a Regional Vice President.

Through that company, he had the privilege of sitting across the kitchen table with families and guiding them in the direction of resolving their money issues. Which, is reportedly the number one reason that people have marital problems.

Those times spent with different families gave him his current perspective that finances are not the reason that people are getting divorced. He agrees it is probably the number one topic in households, but it is not the reason for divorce.

He enjoyed his time and experience, but he still felt unfulfilled. His ultimate goal to help people improve their lives and relationships was not being met because finances were only a part of the problem, but not the biggest concern.

His insights have come into existence with the help of 32 years with his wife (relationship insight and whom he lost to cancer), 30 years in the financial services field (sitting across the kitchen table with families and witnessing the real issues) and 35 years of self-development research, which have allowed him the opportunity to see things in a more humane way than is what has been shared by many.

This understanding is why he has committed the rest of his life to using what he has gained in hopes that many will benefit.

Be prepared for an exciting ride because Ron thinks outside the box.

His fire and passion continue to be driven by his desire to assist people and you will now get to climb aboard and “Regain Your Championship.”

To Learn More About Ron: http://ronsimplifiedmyers.com

About Ron Simplified Myers